Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 Opinion Poll

Karnataka Assembly election 2023 opinion poll : Welcome to our article about the impending Karnataka Assembly Elections in 2023 and the polling done by CVoter. The survey predicts that the Congress party would easily win the election and take the majority of Assembly seats. A potential shift in voter attitude can be seen in the survey’s finding that 57% of respondents are dissatisfied with the current administration. The survey also revealed how the public views the performance of the current administration, with only 26.8% of respondents giving Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai’s performance a favourable rating and 47% giving it a poor one. These results imply that Karnataka’s political landscape may significantly change as a result of the 2018 elections.

Party Percentage of People Unhappy with Current Govt Chief Minister's Approval Rating
BJP 57% 26.8% Good, 47% Poor

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 Opinion Poll Result

We present to you the most recent polling data for the 2023 Karnataka Assembly Elections. According to the poll, the Congress party will win with a large majority, taking home 115–127 seats out of the Assembly’s total 224 members. The Janata Dal-Secular (JD-S) is predicted to win 23–35 seats, making them a potential kingmaker in the event of a hung legislature, while the BJP is predicted to win 68–80 seats.

Karnataka Assembly Election 2023 Opinion Poll

The survey also revealed how poorly (50.5 percent) and favourably (20.7 percent) respondents felt about the performance of the current administration. With 29.1% of respondents indicating it as their top concern, unemployment emerged as the main problem for voters. Infrastructure was ranked as the second most important problem by 21.5 percent of respondents. Here is a table summarising the main findings of the survey:

Party Seats (Out of 224)
Congress 115-127
BJP 68-80
JD-S 23-35

Key Issue of Karnataka Election 2023

Issue Percentage of Respondents
Unemployment 29.10%
Infrastructure 21.50%
Other 49.40%

Next Chief Minister of Karnataka 2023 Election

The results of the CVoter opinion survey also included information on respondents’ predictions for the next chief minister of Karnataka. Siddaramaiah, a candidate for the Congress, received 39.1 percent of the vote, according to the survey. BJP leader and incumbent chief minister Basavaraj Bommai earned 31.1 percent of the vote. HD Kumaraswamy, the leader of the JD(S), received 21.4 percent of the votes, while DK Shivakumar, the head of the Congress, received 3.2 percent. This reveals the preferences of the general population for the state’s likely next leader following the elections.

Possible Chief Minister Percentage of Votes
Siddaramaiah (Congress) 39.10%
Basavaraj Bommai (BJP) 31.10%
HD Kumaraswamy (JD-S) 21.40%
DK Shivakumar (Congress) 3.20%

Important Facts About Karnataka Election 2023

Total number of Assembly Constituencies 224
Number of SC reserved constituencies 36
Number of ST reserved constituencies 15
Total number of polling stations 58,282
Number of first-time voters 9.17 lakhs
Total number of electorates 5,21,73,579
Number of male electorates 2.62 crores
Number of female electorates 2.59 crores
Number of electors aged 80+ 12.15 lakhs
Number of electors aged 100+ 16,976
Number of persons with disabilities 5.55 lakhs
Number of vote-from-home eligible 80+

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